SUNTO The Great Long-term Investment Tool

Sunto gives you the opportunity to earn and utilize tokens via internal Social Media Marketing promotions and Freelance Exchange engines, as well as permanent bounty programs based on your own solar activity prediction model. Regular token airdrops according to your wallet bitcoin value are inclusive.

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It may seem unexpected to you, but you will receive airdrops of SUNTO tokens regularly to your wallet with a deposit of tokens, in accordance with daily astronomical observations of sunspot numbers.

The collection of DAILY SOLAR DATA can be found here.
Considering that we are at the beginning of the next 25 cycle of solar activity, your daily deposit rewards will increase within the next 5-6 years. This investment model will in time attract more and investors which will help SUNTO grow gradually to being a stable coin.

Your deposit rewards are dependent on the amount of deposit made in SUNTOs and according to the following Reward Correction Coefficient (RCC) chart.

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Staking Rewards Calculation

You dont need to open special account at our platform and send their your tokens, you just need to register at platform and send us 1 SUNTO tо verify your wallet ownership.


Your daily staking reward (R) will be calculated according to the next equations:

R=A*RCC, RCC- reward correction coefficient; A-daily solar activity sunspot index (Wolf Number).

RCC=abs(d)*exp(-abs(d/0.95-1)1.25), d-deposit (in BTC, calculated in tokens) at your wallet on 0:00 UTC.


1. Sunspot number index A=20, deposit is approximately 1 BTC in SUNTO tokens. Every day you will get SUNTOs rewards, which is equal to daily sunspot number this date (RCC = 1). R=20 SUNTO.

2. Sunspot number index A=90, deposit is approximately 0.5 BTC in SUNTO tokens. RCC=0.33. R=30 SUNTO

Hey! You can predict solar activity!


You can as well predict solar activity on weekly basis and get multiple bonuses. You will be informed about your bonuses within the next week as soon as your weekly predictions get processed.


Our sunspot numbers prediction bonuses are carried out on a weekly basis; you need to put down your predictions of sunspot number before 12:00 UTC Sunday for each day of the following week through the special Prediction contact form after your registration. Your weekly deposit rewards for the subsequent weeks after the predicted week will be multiplied by the number of days a correct prediction has been made. In essence, if you predict 2 days out of the week accurately, you will get double of your deposit as reward (2x). The maximum reward that can be gotten cannot exceed 7 days of accurate prediction but the Reward Correction Coefficient (RCC) will be applied to your deposit bonuses. Increasing your investment to the Maximum Deposit Value (MDV) will help maximize your sunspot numbers prediction bonuses. We provide money stability principle which means your deposit is never lost, the only loss that can be incurred would be the weekly deposit rewards and that is only if you don’t get any prediction correct for the week.

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Suntoshi Token (SUNTO) is the first Blockchain based cryptocurrency associated with the natural cycles of solar activity as an external Global Predictor to reduce its price volatility against bitcoin through stable growth. SUNTO helps stimulate worldwide bitcoin and altcoins users which makes SUNTO the great long-term investment tool.

Suntoshi gives the possibility to earn and utilize tokens via internal Social Media Marketing promotions and Freelance Exchange engines, as well as with permanent bounty program, based on your own solar activity prediction model and with regular token airdrops according to your wallet bitcoin value.

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SuntoshiToken (SUNTO) As Seen On

Roadmap Graphic

Bullish sunspot activity circle, hedge risk tool, described above, as well as community driven token exchange rate allow us to place main roadmap milestones on the up-trending curve, shown on pic.



0 – website was born at 3.01.2019 (10th Anniversary of Bitcoin)
1 – Q I-II 2019 Staking Deposit Rewards and Predictions blocks launching, Decentralized exchanges listing
2 – Q III-IV 2019- SUNTO Promotion at exchange markets
3 – Q I-II 2020- Proprietary Investment Crypto-Exchange launching
4 – Q III-IV 2020- Social Media Marketing (SMM) launching
5 – Q I-II 2021- Freelance Exchange (FlEx) launching
6 – Q III-IV 2021- Gift Economy Projects introducing
7 – Q I-II 2022- Security Token Offering STO
8 – Q III-IV 2022- Art Market security tokenization
9 – 2023- Realty Market security tokenization
10 – 2023- SUNTO Global Market

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All below is what we call the mechanism of crypto-investor risks hedging


According to common markets estimations, average volatility of gold is 1.2%, main currencies volatility is around 1.0%, while volatility of bitcoin reached 15% at some months. It makes investments in bitcoin extremely risky.

In view of the equations, rewards to investors staking wallets is dependent on solar activity (A) mainly. We focus on natural cycles, not human outcomes.

Moreover, for wallets with staking less than TDVt (TDVt=0.95 BTC in pilot Smart-contract version) when the BTC rate is dropped, RCC and R are increased, because investors deposits are inversely proportional to BTC rate according to equation. This implies that anytime of BTC rate falls, investors will get more SUNTO tokens.

Sun spotting is long-term, at the same time the exchange rate of SUNTO tokens and the reward system are rigidly tied to the level of solar activity, therefore the SUNTO token is a tool for long therm investments, and not a short-lived hype.

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Initial Token Distribution

The funds generated are usually distributed to cover a number of business expenses including research and development, operations, ongoing marketing and legal requirements.

Funds Allocations

The chart of the right is a breakdown on how we intend to allocate the funds we raised. Investors are of course interested to know how these funds will be spent.

  • Banking & Marketing
  • Bounty & Overhead
  • Legal & Finance
  • IT Infrastructure
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Frequently Asked Questions

A beginner’s guide to Suntoshi Tokens (SUNTO)

There are the numbers of reasons to buy SUNTO tokens (see Whitepaper):

Bullish solar activity at 25 solar circle will cause the stable growth of SUNTO;
We realize community driven SUNTO exchange rate at our platform;
Problem of hedge BTC investor risks is solved;
We have Built-in entertainment tool that allow getting bonuses from correct solar activity predictions.
We have launched the financial triggering program for undervalued blockchains.

You can find it here:

Address: 0xe6f32cf814d266b499c83ac1fb89a96ebab0dd57

Symbol: SUNTO

Decimals: 18

SUNTO tokens are available for trading on an open market, in a similar manner to all other ERC20 tokens trading on EtherDelta. Suntoshi (SUNTO) tokens were made available for trading on May 14th 2019, paired against USD, ETH.

The SUNTO token is based on the Ethereum Blockchain and it is an ERC20 compliant token (see here). This means that it will be possible to view the tokens and transfer them to and from any Ethereum based wallet or application which has support for ERC20.

There are no official plans for token buy back, but we reserve the right to exercise that option if the company deems it appropriate in the future.

Various promotions, contests and giveaways are currently in the planning stage.

The Suntoshi Token whitepaper Is Now Available in English