SUNTO ecosystem community platform is based on the main principles, stated by Elinor Ostrom, Nobel Prize Winner at 2009.

See her main work (Ostrom, Elinor, Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press 1990. P.38).

Ostrom emphasizes the importance of collective actions to avoid several risks. Most of crypto-investors are faced with dramatically dropping their assets due to fundamental and exchange speculative factors. This is as a result of some fake startups scamming people of their funds with fake ICO projects that are not even supposed to be on the blokchain in the first place. Our business model will be explained below.

Numbers in circles: (1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(6),(7),(8),(9),(10),(11) – are the token threads. New users (1) buy tokens for market rate at exchanges: it is incoming flow of currency, which is analogous to export in the country (platform). Tokens may be used for services and goods purchase in the platform (2) or deposited (3). Due to inside production and platform ownership, profit tokens from inside sales can be particularly be freezing or transferred to airdrops for users wallets staking (5). Every operation are controlled and monitored by Smart-contract, which prevent the uncontrolled token emission and system collapse. Profits from deposit airdrops can be selling at exchanges (6) or replenish deposits (7) or can be used for internal services and goods purchase (8). Moreover, tokens can withdraw from deposits and used for services and goods purchases inside platform (9) or can be selling at exchanges (10), thus replenishing the outflow of currency, which is analogous to the import in the country (platform) (11).

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